Mapr Visual Design

UI and Visual Design for Mapr. This app was created with the trailblazer in mind, allowing hikers and road trippers alike to track their paths via GPS and upload them to the app community, with the ability to upload photos of a vista or landmark directly to the location. The client is an outdoorsy dev, so we took a lot of influence from his lifestyle and the audience he hopes to attract - other outdoors enthusiast who geek over having this type of technology. The illustrations were created on the iPad Pro.

Kate miterko mapr icon small

Mapr App Icon

Kate miterko maprmockup
Kate miterko mapr landing page small

Mapr Illustration and Landing Page

Kate miterko mapr alt landing page small

Alternate Mapr Landing Page

Kate miterko kate miterko mapr icon blue

Alternate Mapr App Icon